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They say "penis" and "vagina" easily, which I consider early sex-ed success. At that moment I remembered that my younger brother, who was 11 at the time, was using my apple ID account since he had my old phone. My sister is a bit darker than me, she got my fathers race and I got my mothers, so she was kind of jealous of my whiter skin. The stewardesses yes, this was before political correctness transformed them into Flight Attendants were all super nice to me and I was gifted with an airplane shaped pin to wear, and probably a coloring book and other awesome loot. Has your mother ever caught you doing something embarrassing?

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I made additional performance enhancements to make the car go even faster and handle even better than it did when it roared out of the factory.

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I was shit scared as all the lights were off and everyone was fast asleep. My mom is the same too working her bones to the core to help as much. So what if your daughter only wants to wear pants because she looks up to her Uncle Joe who makes her laugh all the time with his silly jokes? Maybe the little shit flooded the bathroom. He got the details wrong, of course.

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