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The reason for this is quite simple: Although these tubes were classified as shot guns, were also available and were supplied to ships in appropriate proportions. The base of the projectile was usually divided into seven equal sectors with their surfaces inclined to the axis preventing the sabot from slipping on the base. The performance of the mortar flotilla is commendable in that no accidents occurred during the 7 days of firing. I have the honor to submit the following report: The projectile of the 's gyrojet reached full velocity at about 70 yards.

My counted shot marks are 53; some, I presume, have escaped attention.

Monitor versus Merrimac and Armor Piercing shot

Parrott designed and developed a considerable variety of projectiles for the rifles he produced at the Cold Spring Foundry. The howitzer was fired just before the launch bumped over Albemarle's protecting log boom to explode the torpedo. The bursting of some of these guns at Charleston, and later at Fort Fisher weakened confidence in the durability of the guns and brought some discredit to his name. This is still a phenomenal quantity, representing tons of metal. On firing, the fuse was ignited by the flame coming around and over the top of the shell, the safety plug being dislodged by the shock of discharge.

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