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Due to the categorical nature of the data, a nonparametric technique chi-square was chosen as the analysis tool. More specifically, the landing techniques used in volleyball can potentially be related to lower extremity energy absorption and likelihood of injury Dufek and Zhang, Handedness and arm swing activity were not recorded for the present study, but should be addressed in future research. Front row players perform the majority of volleyball jumps and landings. Volleyball has become one of the most widely played participant sports in the world. Discussion This study was designed to evaluate the jumping and landing techniques utilized by expert female volleyball players. The deleterious effects of these forces may be compounded when considering that a front row player may jump and land many times during a regulation match.

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Accordingly, very few injuries occur during the jump phase of blocks or spikes. These two have no idea that someone is spying on them. Thus, two games from each match were analyzed per team because the teams switch sides after every game. In this position, the muscles that would normally help the athlete remain erect cannot function properly because they are working at a mechanical disadvantage, which leads to a greater predisposition for injury Ireland, The findings are likewise important for elementary school physical educators because teaching proper landing technique as a fundamental skill facilitates proper skill execution by children as they develop. Specifically, the number of jumps performed by elite female volleyball players in a competitive match was quantified and the relative frequency of different jumping techniques was determined.

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girls taking off volleyball video sex
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